No Country for Old Men

1.)  The title of the book, No Country for Old Men, is about an investigation with a couple guys and money. This novel is a stereotypical old western theme and plot with a common theme of money and drugs through out the story. The way it is written looks like a diary that someone wrote. It does not 100% written like a novel, it is to strictly tell a story.

2.)   The film, No Country for Old Men, is an old-western themed story with the surround of the plot about money and drugs. The film starts off with Sheriff Bell talking about the changes that have been happening. The beginning part was a little confusing, until the film kept going was when the pieces were able to be put back together.

3.)   How the movie portrayed the book was pretty interesting. It should probably had more of a first person view because of the way the book was written. Someone should have narrated it. The movie missed a few parts that probably should have been in there, as well. The way the scenes look should have had more of a western field to it. The book and the film shared the common themes of money and drugs, which was well known in the film.

4.)  1.

This website gives a background of the book and what McCarthy sees in his writings on this novel.



This is a blog just like we are doing in this class. I looked up the meaning of the book and this is what I found. I thought it was interesting to hear someone else’s point of view. The blog was not based on a class just strictly on the book and the film.



This essay is anything and everything about the film, book, and the author. Anything you want to know, it is right here.


4. An argument that I thought about while reading and watching this movie is how the story should have been told in the film. In the beginning, there is a voice over but since the book was written like someone was actually writing it, or close to it, it should have had a voice over through out the whole entire film. The voiceover should be narrating the film.

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